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RE: More confusion over pre-amps and amps for Maggie 3.6s

Posted by K-wey on February 2, 2012 at 07:03:51:

First, thanks for all your replies. They represent a variety of views and approaches, but that's to be expected. At least I know I am hearing what I'm hearing with CD player- to- amp.

In response to several points raised above:
- Probably headed for a pre-amp soon enough, because:
- I’ll be adding a sub soon, probably a Velodyne 1200 that’s for sale used on CL locally. Is this fast enough for Maggies or is there another brand that MUGs prefer?
- I miss having a remote!

Being the New Guy here, I was trying to step lightly. I used the term “mid-fi” for lower-end hi-fi gear since a friend once proclaimed, “Hi-fi is short for ‘higher than fifty thousand.’” Dollars, that is. [sic]

Q about CD players and D/A converters: How does one separate the two? I’ve only ever known CD players with internal D/As (I guess) that present your amp with a signal. Larger question: What makes one CD player better than another, if it’s all reading digital info? Is it the quality of the D/As?

Update: Last night I installed the 1-ohm resistors on the tweeters and it made a subtle but profound difference. By taking the razor edge off the tweeters, the mids and bass can emerge, and the sound (still CD-to-amp) is more balanced. I’m from the land of guitar amps, so this is like turning down the Presence control. Makes sense.

When/ if I’m headed for pre-amp + power amp, I’ll be looking used, probably, since (as with guitar gear) your dollars go a lot further.

Inmates over 50 may smile to hear of my first stereo system in high school (1974): a Pioneer SX-424 with 12 pumpin’ watts, into a pair of low-end Advents with white plastic cabinets with brushed-chrome grills. I was livin’ large, boys!