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Original Message

Should we send a "representative" to Magnepan?

Posted by josh358 on October 14, 2011 at 13:35:59:

Wendell asked me to post this. Just wanted to say that I hope everyone will answer forthrightly -- from my perspective, this isn't a personal referendum, but a question about whether people think it's a good idea, or feel that, as Wendell put it, my objectivity might be compromised. It's certainly different than just reporting back on something you heard at a dealers. So I hope everyone will feel free to speak their minds here or to Wendell without fear of resentment on my part.

Dear Inmates,

I have an unusual idea, but, it needs your full support before we would be willing to proceed. Your "vote" is requested.

There are a number of issues that might be of interest to you if you all were able to visit Magnepan. If you can decide on a date when all of you want to visit Magnepan, we'll buy dinner. (Were you expecting plane fare and a luxury hotel?)

As second-best, how would you feel about sending a "representative" in your place? We have had reviewers visit Magnepan, but, perhaps you don't trust their objectivity and maybe they didn't report on subjects that were of interest to you. Your "representative" could do that.

It seemed like a pretty good idea, but, there is the question of-- Who?

I have given this a lot of thought and feel that Josh would be a good choice. Here is my rationale---

Many of you have more years of Maggie experience and could legitimately ask-- "Why not me?"

I am impressed with the combination of Josh's technical knowledge and expertise plus the manner in which he has conducted himself in this forum. He strikes me as a person with a modest ego and nothing to prove. I don't think he can be "bought" with a fact-finding trip to Magnepan.

My concern is whether you all would view him differently after a "junket" to Magnepan? If his objectivity would come into question, then the whole point of this exercise would be null and void. Or if he would be viewed as an informal Magnepan representative, it would not serve what I had in mind. I would prefer that he be viewed more like a "consumer reviewer".

So, what do you think?