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RE: Half-Razoring my Old MMGs - Trip Report

Posted by RickeyM on June 26, 2010 at 06:46:45:

Hi guys. Looking at the link for the P-frames reminded me of the stands I made for my MG2.5R's. The wood I used was some 1"X2" Oak from HD. Since I still plan to make wood frames, I wasn't worried about any harm to the MDF panels. That's why the panels are fastened to the stands with screws. If you really wanted to, you could still use clamps and get the same effect.

What the pic doesn't show is that once the stands are attached to the speaker panel, the whole thing is then attached to a wood base. I think this setup gives you a couple of things. Wood added to the MDF panel to help soak up vibes and take the flex out of the MDF. Struts and a firm base to help couple the speakers to the floor.