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RE: REVIEW: Vacuum State Electronics DVP-9000ES Level 7 SACD Player (Modded)

Posted by finnman500@hotmail.com on January 24, 2009 at 06:24:13:

It is a nice album. I guess they (producers) went with this take as it was probably the best performance even with the slight glitches. It does make it feel more real.
I'm very curious about the upgrades to your SONY. I've been out of touch with consumer electronics and don't really understand 'modded'. I do understand and appreciate separate DACs
and isolating the 'clock' from the transport.
Would you mind enlightening me, please. I'm being quite serious, I really would like to know as I'm inching my way back into the industry.

BTW: My amplifiers are 300B SETs which when fed excellent recordings provide a holographic image so real it's almost palpable. 'Naked Songs' by R.L. Jones sounds so 'there' that I can pin-point her mouth and the guitar she is holding which 'appears' about 18 inches below her mouth and just slightly to the right. It's amazing. Digitally stored sound and playback have really improved the past ten years.