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RE: Finally! Been waiting for somebody to mention Level 7 Level 7 SACD Player (Modded)

Posted by Roy Boy on January 23, 2009 at 10:00:41:

I have a VSE Mod 4 Sony 9000ES that I use for two channel SACD/CD and an Oppo 980H that I use for MCH SACD over HDMI in my hybrid stereo-surround sound system. I understand from looking at Joe Rasmussen's site that the Oppo can be modded with the Terra Firma mod. Would I be better off modding the Sony or Oppo at this point? If I mod the Oppo I could us it for both Stereo and surround duties. Not sure if that is feasible or if there would be a performance difference between the Sony and Oppo with the terra firma mod. Thanks for your insights