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RE: Been waiting for Allen to officially announce it as Level 7 - codename "Terra Firma"

Posted by Allen Wright on January 17, 2009 at 15:44:57:

>ince the Marantz SA-7S1 already has a BNC Master Clock input (see link below), can you confirm that the Terra Firma "UberClock" can be used with it without modification? Also, any hints as to the price of the Terra Firma (in USD)? Thank you. <

As I answered to someone else, that input is for a low frequency "word clock" and no matter what Marantz write in their user manual, I do not believe it will make a significant IMPROVEMENT to the sound in the way that a superior "bit clock" running at the prime high frequency "bit clock" frequency will do, such as our "UberClock".

Marantz say different word clocks will make tonal differences, but to that I say, so what?

I work to provide major sonic improvement, not minor tonal changes.

We expect to sell the UberClock for around $1750, but that is our Swiss price converted to $US and does not include US taxes, shipping etc etc etc. Please contact your closest Vacuum State agent for a accurate US pricing.

Regards, Allen (Vacuum State)