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RE: I'd be very interested if Allen designed an external clock for my Marantz SA-7S1. nt

Posted by Allen Wright on January 17, 2009 at 15:31:08:

The Terra Firma "UberClock" can be easily made in the correct frequency for your big Marantz.

Unfortunately, Marantz fit a "Word Clock" extra input on the rear panel but that is not something we can currently supply, and don't believe a better word clock would make much, if any, sonic improvement any way.

Our clock is that of the primary DAC clock frequency (known as the "bit clock") that totally influences the jitter and therefor the sound of the player - a word clock is just for syncronisation of sevearl digital devices if used in a chain, like in a recording studio.

Why Marantz choosew to provide a Word Clock input and not the very much higher frequency "bit clock" I do not know - but we can sell you the UberClock directly, and the correct input can be easily added by any competent rech, he doesn't have to be a rocket scientist, he doesn't even have to be one of our officail agents.

Please contact me privately for pricing and ordering.

Regards, Allen (Vacuum State)