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RE: I'd be very interested if Allen designed an external clock for my Marantz SA-7S1. nt

Posted by Joe Rasmussen on January 17, 2009 at 00:19:44:

This is what needs to be worked out and in consultation with Allen and VSE installers around the world. I think you guys who haven't heard it (you may be surprised that quite a number has) but has read Mark's Level 7 REVIEW will realise by his description that we believe this Terra Firma development is a BIG DEAL. It has a very wide application and not just Sony 1st G SACD players, and in theory can be applied to almost any player, whether internal or external solution(s) will be adopted and in what determines which is chosen. We need a structure. If external, the interface will need to be fitted to the player and may possibly have multi-purpose uses, not just one player or DAC, master clock for both transport and external DAC. There are potentially many possibilities. Internal installation will be dedicated to the player itself. BTW, some have pointed out that this also has application to ADCs in recording studios. Don't think we have already thought of that.

So, as far as your Marantz SA-7S1 is concerned, it is imminently doable. It's a nice looking player and it's internals are quite beautiful in their neatness.