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RE: REVIEW: Dynaco Dynaco ST-70 KIT - preamp

Posted by kimjohns on March 19, 2009 at 17:41:26:

I built the preamp using boards from ESP (Elliot Sound products) in Australia. I used their “high quality audio preamplifier” (P88), "hi-fi phono preamp” (P06), and “preamp power supply" (P05) PC boards. They use Texas Instruments/Burr Brown OPA2134 opamps. My total cost of construction was maybe around $125. This is a very interesting company with a great website that has a lot of useful information. Rod Elliot claims that the performance of his preamps equal or exceed that of very high-end components. I tend to agree. This preamp is better than anything I have previously built. I am going to add his subsonic/rumble filter board soon. I will most likely build a tube preamp sometime in the not to distant future, but for now I am going to absorb what I have for awhile.

Kim L. Johnson