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Original Message

Ahh, brings back memories of my college days experience with Dynaco kit

Posted by rlindsa on March 18, 2009 at 19:35:09:

Nice review by the way.

Back in 1970 I built a Dynaco SCA80Q (the Q was for Quadrophonic, in the early stages of its short life then). Spent about 20 hours straight plugging, reading transistors, soldering, wire stripping, etc. I wasn't "electrically experienced", but I followed directions well. Felt like I was building a cyclotron or some such monstrous electronic gizmo - had a great time. Then the "bit moment" came when I connected my AR turntable and Dynaco A25 speakers and hit the power switch on the SCA80Q; a moment of pure bliss before a loud pop and FLAMES shoot out of the amp! I was crestfallen and figured I had completely destroyed the unit (which if I remember correctly cost about $75 or so - small fortune at the time).

My dad had one of his electrician buddies look at it and turns out I had put in a power transistor wrong. He replaced that and it ran like a champ for several years. Can't remember why I got rid of it

Wish I still had that old system (sniff, sniff).