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RE: Actually a Bit too Much BS from PS Audio

Posted by Mel on October 1, 2023 at 09:44:06:

I'm not too familiar with old Accuphases, and don't know which you are referring to. But in any event, chips of that day were likely to be two channel. With chips like the two ES9018 chips in my old Oppo 105, a single chip was already comprised of 8 DACs. One was used to provide 4 channels in each of two sides. The other was in a section serving an 8 channel surround system.

IIRC an advantage of 2 ES9038pro chips (8 DACS per side) over one was said to be a noise reduction of 3db. I think you wouold have to go to 4 chips (16 DACs per side) to get another 3db, then 8 chips and so on.

A $60k Aires uses 20 R2R chips, 10 to a side yielding 20 DACs per side. What you actually get from the 19th and 20th DAC on a side would be an interesting speculation.