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RE: Benchmark DAC2

Posted by AbeCollins on March 13, 2023 at 14:20:41:

- On what device are you using / controlling Apple Music?

Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android phone/tablet? Windows PC?

What operating system version is running on said device?

- On what device are you outputting Apple Music?

Dedicated Streamer? I assume its the WiiM streamer to your DAC?

Apple now supports lossless CD quality and even higher resolution audio but you may have to adjust settings within Apple Music and how you do that depends on what device you're on and the operating system version it is running.

It's not clear to me if the Apple Music player offers a bit-perfect signal path and automatic sample rate switching as do audiophile players like Audirvana, Amarra, Roon, JRiver, LMS/piCorePlayer, etc.

[EDIT]: I found out that you will need something like the BitPerfect App [from the App Store] to run Apple Music in bit-perfect mode with automatic sample rate switching. This applies if you're running Apple Music on the Mac. Not sure how this is achieved on other devices like iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, etc.

Yes, there's an App based remote control for Apple Music / iTunes

P.S. Additionally, AirPlay2 is will not pass 'hi-res' audio. I believe it is limited to 48-kHz. In other words, it's much easier to get high quality audio from an 'audiophile player' and an 'audiophile streaming service' like Tidal / Qobuz over a better protocol vs AirPlay2 - However, AirPlay2 is still a much better choice than Bluetooth by a wide margin.