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RE: Benchmark DAC2

Posted by AbeCollins on March 12, 2023 at 06:20:03:

What Streaming Service are you running?

"I am reluctant to use it as a streamer because I am not willing to modify the Mac mini."

- ZERO modification necessary. I've run Mac Minis as music servers or streamers over the past 15 years or so. I've modified some and left some completely stock [as is my current Mac Mini M1]. Sounds wonderful with the right player software or streaming app. You should give it a try.

"My logic is that the streamer should be as simple as possible."

- It can be if you want but it doesn't have to be. I have a few DIY Raspberry Pi streamers.

My Mac Mini Music Server about 2009-ish + iPhone as remote control:

More Mac Minis for music over the years:

iPhone or iPad as portable Remote Control:

Some of my DIY Raspberry Pi based streamers:

Before you get the impression that the Raspberry Pi board is just a toy consider this. Some audiophile brands including Bryston use the Raspberry Pi as the core streaming technology in some of their pricey $$$ streaming products.