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Benchmark DAC2

Posted by Jian on March 10, 2023 at 15:59:50:

I have own Benchmark DAC2 for a while due to the recommendation by Stereophile. However, I hardly use it since I listen to my own diy air-bearing arms most of time. Btw, my diy air-bearing arms can rival the performance of any commercial arms at any price point. Recently, I am trying to stream online music and bought Wiim Pro. I have to say that Wiim pro is very well worth the money. But the Benchmark DAC2 sounds terrible. I compared both stream and CD player, Sony SACD777. I don't understand how can Stereophile recommends such a piece of shit. I remember that I paid the DAC2 for almost $2000 years ago. Instrumental music is better than opera. Opera is unlistenable on the DAC2. It is very frustrating.