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Meet the Writers/ Absolute Sound

Posted by mark.korda@myfairpoint.net on January 15, 2021 at 09:11:15:

After my gripe with Absolute Sound and it's subscription ways I did get my January issue and have February too. If any of you have the January issue,I have my own issue. It's with Meet the Writers.
I like Robert Harley.A few years ago I had a problem with the mail and I wrote to Absolute Sound. A few days later I received a surprise package with about 3 issues of Absolute Sound I missed and a special note from Robert Hartley...that was class...to me.
In his lead off interview in Meet the Writers page 16 he mentions a book Hi Fi Loudspeakers and Enclosures that he and his brother learned from in their youth.I have that book too.It's been like a Bible too me.Now I'm going to put what I learned from that book to use.....
Now go to page 20, writer Jacob Heilbrunn.Look at that picture of his sound room.In a red colored caption under the picture Jacob states; Like not a few audiophiles,I want it all- coherence,defination,transparency,dynamics,and fine detail.When I look at his picture I think he forgot imaging.
Why are the Wilson flagship speakers, if thats what they are not in the corners of the room and what are in the corners.The Wilsons don't look like they need any help there.Is this Absolute Sound or Absolute Show?
When you spend more on a lighting system than I did for my Heathkit AA-32 and it's not aiming at any valuable artwork it becomes the Absolute Show to me.
I guess what I'm getting at is,and I ask all of you not just Robert Hartley...Wasn't the hobby more fun with Abe Cohen's speaker book and that old Heathkit?....take care,,,,Mark Korda