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RE: you're kidding, right?

Posted by Coconut-Audio on May 23, 2011 at 07:39:05:

The videos are unedited and prove these test results, otherwise any numbers could have been made up.
The better the GroungHanger model was the faster the boot up. The Silver model was surprisingly good for its size. GroundHanger 8.0 is the largest unit that looks like a G.

Without GroundHanger: Infinite

GroundHanger 8.0: 146 seconds

Without GroundHanger: Infinite

GroundHanger Transiental Parabola: 146 seconds

GroundHanger 2.0 Body Waves: 152 seconds

GroundHanger 3.0 Silver Black Ship: 120 seconds

GroundHanger 8.0: 70 seconds

Without GroundHanger: 150 seconds

GroundHanger 8.0: 70 seconds