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RE: A question as to WHY no one posts in your forum? the answer:

Posted by Coconut-Audio on May 18, 2011 at 15:22:22:

A bag of sand will add a sound signature to the music which is fatiguing. It will emphasize certain frequencies in the music and make it flat and lifeless. I have done a lot of experimenting with isolation feet comparing against a magnetically levitating system. When audio system is floating in air it sounds veiled and smeared, placing 100 lbs of weight on top increases grip and makes it sound tighter and clearer with a blacker background and more microdetail. I tried this with dCS Elgar Plus DAC in picture above.

A certain type of material has only one strength and the rest are weaknesses. The goal is to use only one material to remove one frequency of noise, this means that you need 20,000 noise cleaners within the unit to get perfect audio. You need to do the same with the speakers by using 20,000 drivers inside, this is my future project. The problem is that all drivers are not in the exact same position, therefore I need to invent interdimensional speakers with 1 driver per dimension, the speakers switch between 20,000 dimensions when playing back music.

My new technology that replaced capacitors, inductors and resistors has been done purely by ear, and I have not given it a name yet. I use tweezers and digital scale with 0.01 gram accuracy. I could hear a difference of 0.02 grams in blind testing. I use a lot of natural materials, the same ones they use in computer microprocessors, except I don't chemically treat them because it reduces sound quality.