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You probably know the composers I'm about to list already

Posted by Chris from Lafayette on July 31, 2020 at 10:31:07:

Early Schoenberg, 7 early songs by Berg, Im Sommerwind by Webern - also a couple of Czech composers: early Suk is pretty tonal, but something like "Ripening" or his piano suites, "About Mother" and "About Friendship" definitely "float", also some works of Novak, some by Foerster. Of course there's mid-to-late Scriabin, along with Stanchinsky - some of Prokofiev's early music is surprisingly floaty (e.g., some of the Visions fugitives). Some of Szymanowski's music could fulfill your requirements - especially some of his songs (Bunte Lieder, maybe?). Some floaty music I don't like would be works of Mompou, but his music also could be what you're looking for?