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Warm Side of Neutral Interconnect

Posted by Chris K. on May 16, 2022 at 19:54:29:

I'm seeking to tweak the interconnect connection to my amp. I currently find among my cables that the Wireworld Eclipse 7 seems best, edging out my Analysis Plus Solo Crystal. I also have a WW Eclipse 6, but it's too short to try in that spot. Otherwise, I have tried Analysis Plus Copper Oval-In Microconnects, Cardas Parsec, Audioquest Columbia, and Kimber Hero. What I find is that OFC or polyethylene are not as transparent and that OCC copper with either a Teflon or Composilex dielectric are the most open, but can be somewhat too strident on the highs on certain recordings.

So, I'm looking for that "sweet spot." I'm very curious about the Wireworld Eclipse 8, especially if anyone has been able to compare it to the Eclipse 7 or Eclipse 6 and can share their impressions of the differences. Budget-wise, used, I'd ideally like to stay in the $250 range. Any suggestions? In addition to the Eclipse 8, the Acoustic Zen Matrix II is on my radar