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Boards are Complete

Posted by atkinsonrr on August 12, 2020 at 13:23:51:

Just finished boards tonight. The vendor was short the 0.5mm solid copper Jantzen wire so I wired the midrange inside the speaker cabinets with 1mm. Elsewhere (crossover and crossover to speaker) used the 0.5mm wire on midrange. Used the 0.5mm on HF throughout and 1mm on bass throughout.

In terms of damping the caps, after reading Herbie's comments my take was that he was saying the best solution is blue RTV. I have some on hand and so used that. Mounted the caps on self-adhesive rubber gasket material that has two ribs with a valley in between. Filled the valley with the RTV to secure the caps to the gasket.

Very noticeable difference from the Duelund tinned/stranded wire. The best I can say it is everything is much more delineated. And not at all hard or bright. As if the Duelund wire was smearing the sound. Making porridge out of everything. The more precise nature of the sound seems to bring forth more spacial cues and thus soundstage is better also. Loving the improvement!