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Posted by Dawnrazor on July 4, 2020 at 16:07:59:

Duster is right about the blood pressure lol.

FWIW I once made cable for people. I used to work in the industry and once I made some speaker cables for a coworker. It was basically a 24g wire in a tube with candle gel. (long story about the candle gel and why I used it). Anyhow I gave it to him and said he could try it. I was asking $400.

Unbeknownst to me he had some top of the line monsters he got from the monster rep that went for $2500 that he compared to the wires I made.

He paid me $400 after the comparison.

Guessing the monsters were much lower in gauge and had lots more copper...

Gauge is just a small part of a cable and really man if it was super important there would be 10g wire in amps. Most have 16g. Marketers would tout the fact saying ours has "10g internal wire" or something...yet I know of no company that pimps that.

heck even Pass labs which IMHO is one of the best amp manufacturers only uses 16g in their amps...

Said another way, have you tried 24g in runs of 8ft or less? Or are you not speaking from experience?