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RE: Silnote cables...anyone listen?

Posted by Dr.Phil on May 5, 2012 at 11:21:35:

I given these cables a try with a 21 day return. They are excellent, but they take a good few weeks to burn-in and then some. What I noticed is very low noise floor, natural highs, not forward or hyped, the killer for these cables is the mid-range, some of the best I heard, vocals have body yet very transparent.

Due to them not making 6 meters interconnects, I am using them with HT Magic II I.C. which I like a lot also. In fact for my speakers I am using the HT Pro9se with the Silnote Poseidon Signature as a bi-wire combo, I now have the best of both cables.

I have really been enjoying my system with these cables. Like my other post, all system dependent but in this case they are sounding really fine.