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RE: Considering A Change In Electronics? Any Recommendations?

Posted by RGA on May 2, 2022 at 20:42:25:

Without seeing the impedance of the JBL speakers it's a bit odd they would require so much power - my speakers are 95dB sensitive(6ohm) and 92dB not in corners. I think it's not the watts but also the quality of the output transformers.

I remember comparing the Audio Note Meishu 8 watter, a Cary 300B SET 8 watter using the same 300B tubes and the Meishuu had FAR superior bass and dynamics. AN uses much better and beefier transformers than most. It blew away the store's other more powerful push pull tube amplifiers as well - Jolida, Antique Sound Labs, McIntosh. Bryston at 160 watts sounded thin and reedy and lacked weight in comparison as well.

I am not a tech-head so I can't explain why this was because to me I would assume the 160-watt amp would have more bass response and drive - it sorta did but in a narrow frequency range.

I have 430-watt class D amps (4ohms) and they make no gains over my 8-watt 2a3 monoblocks on my speakers which seem similar in numbers to yours.

I do like Cut-Throat's suggestion because I love the 45 sound. I like the Jinro mighty 211 - but it's quite expensive.

Good luck on your hunt. Getting a big power SET tends to be pricey.