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RE: Considering A Change In Electronics? Any Recommendations?

Posted by LtMandella on May 1, 2022 at 08:08:47:

Nelson keeps a scope on the outputs of his amp at his home so he can see exactly if and when clipping might occur while listening in real world scenario.

I plan to do the same soon for a while but probably not permanently. Nothing beats emperical data for informed decision making.

It should be very educational to see when and why it actually happens, if it ever does in my medium sized listening room.

My speakers are either (depending on my mood) Ref3A DeCapo I (90 db)or ELAC DBR Reference (87db), although I will be pulling my HSU powered sub out of storage soon and adding it to the system. Now that the wife is out I can do what the hell I want in the living room :)

I expect I will never see any clipping from my 140 wpc QUAD909, probably never from my 36 wpc Musical Fidelity A1, perhaps very sporadically from the 25 wpc OTL Tube amp. But we will see.

THD is another matter entirely of course. No way I know of to measure that in real time while real world listening unfortunately. But it certainly does increase in most amps with increaded output levels.