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RE: Summertime listening, class D would be nice.

Posted by boboli on February 1, 2012 at 07:51:47:

I purchased a class D amplifier this past September after suffering through another Phoenix summer with my ARC monoblocks. It is an amp manufactured by one of our local dealers. It is called a NewClear NC1000L, based on the B&O ICE power module, which I have always found fatiguing in the past. I auditioned it at length and really found no drop-off in my listening pleasure and a great increase in my listening time due to the lack of heat. Now that it is winter, I do go back and forth between them and I can listen to the tubes at length. I do love sitting in the dark and watching the tubes glow in the winter. I still can't hear any difference. I hope to invite some friends from the Az Audio Club to come over and give me their opinions. I am loath to sell the tube amps because they have proved themselves over time and they just look cool, even if they run hot. I don't know what the NewClear people did to make this amp sound so good, but it is a keeper for me and I look forward to year round listening for the first time in a while.