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Rega Jura Speakers Review by Ludwigvan968 at Audio Asylum

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I have had my pair of Juras a while now. I purchased them for 750(US) with oak finish. Before these speakers I was using a Wharfedale Diamonds 7.2. They sounded really good with my brio amp, but when I saw/heard the new Juras I was blown away, I had to have them. The full range sound they were able to produce and at high levels really impressed me. They are free of grain and the bass it produces is very clean yet authorative. When I changed out the Brio with the Mira I was very impressed how the Mira gave the speakers that much more control over the audio spectrum. When all was said and done I ended up placing my speakers 3 feet from the back wall and about 2 feet from the side walls. I tried a bi-wire run of Belden 8760, but went back to the Rega Flat cable. I felt the Flat cable just helped the Jura's sing more. After having the Juras for about a year I decided to add the PSB subsonic 5 to bring in the last octave. I have the crossover set all the way down and the volume at about 1/3 the volume. The sub doesn't so much add audible bass as much as it brings smoothness to the whole spectrum.
Well enough about my setup. What has really blown me away about these speakers is how enveloping the music can become when using these. The soundstage is enormous and very lively. The detail is pretty good, though after hearing many more expensive speakers I have heard much more resolving speakers. When playing Rock music such as Rush and Led Zepplin the Juras really shine, they show they can rock and really be resolving at the same time. When I played De Blue Waltz off of Time Warp I was blown away by the dynamics. When compared to the Wharfedales or Rega Alyas the speakers offered more dynamics not only in the bass but through out the audio spectrum. When I tried the speakers with the Marantz Receiver I have to admit it sounded pretty bad, they just didn't have any synergy going for them, the treble sounded horrible. After using this amp I came to the fast conclusion that when Rega proclaims their components to be a system, they certainly do not lie. If there is one thing to come away with from this review it is to remember that when you play the Jura's in a Rega System it can be magic, when heard with other components it can be questionable.

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