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REVIEW: Adyton Opera Integrated Amplifier (SS) Review by yoyo at Audio Asylum

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The Adyton Opera is one of THE BEST integrated amplifiers in the WORLD. Best I have heard. And much better that manyyyyyyyy expensive pre and power combos.

The sound is VEERY transparen and clean, and at the same time is not devioded of life and sweetness. Because of this, care must be taken in system matching to avoid other bright components to come through. It exercises very good control of the speaker because of its high current construction, the bass in my system is now heftier and deeper. The highs are cleaner and more defined.

Even though rated at 60watt which is not considered gigantic power, the amplifier runs in class A ( looks and feels like a bread toaster after a while) so the 60 feel very powerfull and controlled. The amplifier doubles into 4 Ohms to 120 watts, and to 240 into 2 Ohms. So it may really be compared to say a linn LK-140 in terms of power, although it sounds much cleanner and alive in my opinion.

It has 5 line inputs. Two of which include some attenuation -6db (cd, and DAT). One of the inputs may be converted to a phono input with the installation of the RIAA phono card ( I don't know if still available). Has one record output, and two pairs of power output terminals. One pair through 5-way binding posts, one pair recessed like for deltron connectors.

In term of construction, the amplifier is manufactured on a factory that also manufactures high grade military electronics. This means that the quality of the manufacture if first rate, as are the fir and finish. Its also quite hefty and has a big toroidal transformer in the front, I cant immagine what it would weight if it had an E-core instead.

These amplifiers used ( I dont know if still) by Audio Physic to voice their speakers. If you have heard any audiophysic speaker you know that Joachim knows about sound quality. Actually Audio Physic used to be the Adyton distributor in Germany. The Opera sales literature featured and Audio Physic Step in the picture. That is supposed to be the Opera's match.

The unfortunate news are that these amplifiers are no longer available outside Norway where its made. A few years ago Forsell purchassed the rights to the sale of Adyton's largest amplifier ( Forsell's THE STATEMENT is really an Adyton 3B with a different faceplate)so the brand is no longer sold outside of Norway.

I must say that to my dislike ( and I have to include this) Forsell said in his Stereophile interview that he designed and made the "THE STATEMENT" amplifier, which is a blatant lie ( or let say misrepresentation of facts).

If anyone has read Stereophile's review of THE STATEMENT you'll have an idea what the Opera is or sounds like, but let me say that many people including say that the Opera was even better that the 3B. I agree.

The down side to this terrific product.
1. No longer available new outside of Norway. Well let me correct that, in England Aanvil audio still has new units on sale. They were the british importer of the Adyton line.
2. This is not the amplifier for hungry speaker. After all its still 60 watts.
3. If it breaks, you neighbor will not be able to fix it for you.
4. Eventhough its an incredible product, most people don't even know it exists ( even audiophiles)so they will not be impressed with the name.

The upside:
1. Incredible sound.
2. Unusual esthetics.
3. compact size
4. When the music starts they will know it is great and will not be able to get one ( exclusivity).
5. A bargain at the used market ( if you can find one).

I only wish more music lovers had the oportunity to audition and own these amplifiers. My consolation is that at least I have it.

I look forward to traying it with some JM Labs or other high quality high efficiency speaker.



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