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REVIEW: Grado sr80 Headphones Review by pjrp at Audio Asylum

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When I was given these headphones a short while ago I was less than impressed when I opened the 2 inch high box, the contents looked to be something of a product of stoneage design ,very little in the way of padding on the headband and after wearing them for a short while it was evident that very little had been spent on the earpads themselves ,I contacted Grado's U.K. distributer and ordered the earpads from the sr60 in order to make the headphones wearable(1/2 hour in the original pads can only be likened to having your ears sandpapered).Now it was time for some serious listening.At first listen I was not impressed the sound being closed in and lacking in dynamic range ,running in was required and I'm glad to say it worked a treat ,these cans really sing ,deep bass flows into your head with speed and tunefulness vocals are clear and expressive treble is never harsh or agressive but always accurate .Should you buy these cans ?thats a different matter .I find it hard to believe that there aren't headphone manufacturers that can achieve this level of sound quality AND give the listener some level of confort .

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Topic - REVIEW: Grado sr80 Headphones Review by pjrp at Audio Asylum - pjrp 12:44:59 12/29/00 ( 6)