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REVIEW: Transparent Cable Powerlink Plus Cable Review by Jim P. at Audio Asylum

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I was somewhat interested in power cords by reading a number of reviews at this site and others but was really somewhat sckeptical as to if they were worth it. I've worked with A/C panels as a trouble shooter and we never cared about what brand of wire we used as long as the AWG was correct and met code requirments. When I bought my Arcam CD72 last year after Christmas the dealer had a full line of Transparent power cords. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on the reference or other network power cords(yes, they have those networks on them as well save for this one). I don't have anything against network cables but my system isn't really high end to need reference power cords.

The Powerlink Plus is double shielded and pretty hefty and is 2 meters long. The cable is rated at 10 AWG and is absolutely huge compared to the stock cord. The wall plug portion is a Hubble plug and the IEC I'm not sure, didn't notice and don't want to pull everything out now. It has a woven exterior shield and is quite heavy but flexible enough to do the job. Installation was uneventfull.

I didn't listen to it immediatly but put on a CD of Tchaikovsky 1812 and put the cd player in repeat for a week. Initially I thought I had left the loudness contour on(Onkyo P-301) but did notice it was in Direct. Bass levels were noticable stronger with more impact. While listening to Sarah Mclauchlin we both were surprised by the sound fading away into nothingness and the bass levels were great(for these speakers anyway). This is somewhat surprising considering I'm using small Minimonitors. The difference was not really subtle. We,(my wife and I) weren't "straining" to tell the differences as with some Interconnects we've tried. All the little details that were excellent with the Arcam really stood out and depth improved(why?). As far as we can tell there are no negatives here. Truly like a component upgrade.

I have no reason why things should have improved. When I posted earlier in the week one inmate said something that made a lot of sense to me. These aftermarket power cords are better shielded,double in this case, and digital components put a lot of noise into either the lines or in the immediate area around the cords/components. The cord is of MUCH heavier construction than the Arcam supplied PC which wasn't terrible small.

Well, after hearing the difference EASILY I would recommend any audiophile to at least try these things. Find a dealer that will let you borrow/loan you one and if you don't hear the diff you just return it, you lose nothing. The real acid test though is to let it burn in for a couple of weeks and listen to some music you are really familiar with,then, take it out and put in your stock cord. The difference should be VERY noticable. I heartilly recommend one of these, the price is very reasonable compared to some out there! Happy listening.
Music listened to;
Diana Krall Stepping Out
Sarah Mclauchlan Surfacing, really like this one especially track 7 Angel
Patricia Barber Modern Cool
Eric Clapton and B.B. King, Riding with the King
Eric Clapton Unplugged
Too much classical material to much to list
Associated Equipment:
CDP-Arcam CD72
Pre-amp-Onkyo P-301
Amp Onkyo integra M-504
Paradigm Minimonitors
Interlink discovery I/C's for CDP and MIT4 for pre to amp
MIT5 speaker wires.
Jim P.

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