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Cable Asylum: REVIEW: Luminous Audio Synchestra Signature Luminous Audio Synchestra Signature Cable by Dennisj

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REVIEW: Luminous Audio Synchestra Signature Luminous Audio Synchestra Signature Cable

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Model: Luminous Audio Synchestra Signature
Category: Cable
Suggested Retail Price: $499 a meter
Description: Interconnect
Manufacturer URL: Luminous Audio Synchestra Signature
Manufacturer URL: Luminous Audio Synchestra Signature

Review by Dennisj ( A ) on June 14, 2002 at 12:37:55
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for the Luminous Audio Synchestra Signature

My system

Paradigm Active 40s
Osiris Stands
Rogue 99 Magnum LS W/ Sylvania GTAs
JPS Digital AC on CAL
JPS Analog AC on Rogue
JPS Superconductor + from 40s to Rogue
HT Pro 11 PCs on 40s
Muse 3 (reviewer owned)
Plinius CD-LAD (Dealer Demo)

All ICs are 1m.RCAs used from source to pre. All ICs are reviewer owned and all have at least 200 hrs of play time.

Music used during review.

Songbird......Eva Cassidy
The Hunter..... Jennifer Warnes
Eagles..... Hell Freezes Over
Shelby Lynne.....Love, shelby
Blue Rodeo.... Nowhere To Here
Center Stage..... Wilson Audio
Massenet.....Ballet Music
Laurie Anderson..... Life On a string
The Well..... Jennifer Warnes
Bruce Cockburn..... Breakfast In New Orleans
Wylie&the Wild West..... Paradise
Diana Krall..... Love Scenes
Sam McClain..... Sweet Dreams
Holly Cole.....Don't Smoke In Bed
Famous Blue Raincoat.... Jennifer Warnes
Kenny G......Live
Rob Wasserman..... Duets
Willie Nelson.....Teatro
Rodney Crowell.....Diamonds and Dirt
Many more including light Jazz, Classical, Soft Rock etc...............

Round 1 Solid State

Luminous Synchestra Signature (469.00) Light and fragile looking, build quality looks good, very tight fitting RCAs. I received the newer model with a black covering.

Smooth sounding IC with excellent bass. I would call it warm sounding and on the dark side. The LSS actually made all CDs sound good, no etching, brightness or added sparkle. After a couple of days I placed this IC back in origional plastic container. To lifeless for my taste especially on the Plinius.

Harmonic Technology Pro Silkway MK 11(399.00) Supurb build quality and great looks. I had both the locking and new NASA non-locking version. Non locking RCAs have a nice snug fit. Locking RCAs were a pain to take on and off, did not like.

AH.... This is more like it, air, sparkle, detail and no brightness. After a few days in system I started noticing what i did not like about the HTs, weak bass, what low bass is present became boomy, midrange started to sound etched and somewhat thin sounding. Back in bag it went.

JPS Superconductor 2 (699.00) Very stiff and hard to route. WBT locking RCAs were a pleasure to use, no problems encountered.

I knew this IC was going to be the winner. Great dynamics, quiet, great detail, bass to die for, this IC has it all. It was easy to hear into a recording with the 2, microdynamics shined, inner detail was all there. After a couple of weeks of extended listening and swapping in and out HTs and LSS I became aware of a few thing I did not like. At times the 2 sounded sterile and somewhat cold sounding. Bass was powerfull and on some recordings shook my chair, mids and highs were full, clear and pristine. Soundstage appeared wider and deeper compared to the HT and LSS. Images were very detailed and three-dimensional. I guess more money does buy better sound, the clear winner here, the sometimes cold sound did bother me though.

Round 2 Tubes

JPS Superconductor 2

As above with quite a loss in the bass department. Other than the bass, everything else was better sounding. Soundstage became HUGE and scary. Highs and mids had more air and transparency. Images were now even more detailed. The sterile sound I was hearing now became more on the drier side rather than a cold sound. Midrange resolution was supurb. The 2 coupled with the 99 had a huge powerful sound that was most pleasing for me. I listened to the 2 exclusively for the next couple of weeks, it never disappointed.

HT Pro Silkway MK11

After two hours I said, this might give the 2 a run for the money. Wow, air, speed, detail and a big soundstage to boot. After a few more days and swapping out with the 2 I realized the bass was almost on par with the 2. This cannot be I thought??? Most CDs sounded simply gloryious. In the end the 2 was still the champ, the weak and boomy bass was still present along with a somewhat thin midrange that was now even more pronounced.

Luminous Synchestra Signature

I bought it, so may as well use it. After a couple of hours I was at a loss for words. The LSS sounded more like music than any IC I have used before. Over the next couple of days I continued swapping out all 3 ICs and really started scratching my head??? The HT appeared more lively with lots of sparkle and detail, the 2 had about the same magic as the HT with better bass and dug deeper into the recording in bringing out all the subtle details. The LSS has better and more powerful bass than the other contenders. The LSS has a midrange and high end that is as sweet as your components can dish out. I was floored, I continued switching CDs and even added a few that had what i would call agressive content( Songbird by Eva Cassidy # 9 Oh, Had I A Golden Thread) Second half of this song gets agressive with very high highs that on the other contenders made me turn down the volume, not so with the LSS. Smooth as a baby's behind. This is a wire that will not grab you at first, in fact I would bet that if anyone were to audition the LSS with other top notch ICs, the LSS would be the first one retired. No added sparkle, no Angelic highs, just gloryious music. I even went back and tried the LSS and others on the SS pre amps, the LSS came out the winner. I must confess that after hearing all the sparkle of the other two contenders on the SS pre amps I just discarded the LSS as being dead sounding as if someone threw a couple wool blankets over the speakers. In the beginning the 2 and HT grabbed my attention the LSS did not. The LSS has all the detail and sparkle of the others, it is just presented in a different and hard to describe manner. The LSS to my ears is just plain musical with great bass extension and a HUGE soundstage( I believe the 99 plays a large part regarding the soundstage) everything just sounds correct and natural. For one day I had a pair of Acoustic Zen Silver Reference and tried my old pair of MagnanVi, the LSS prevailed. The LSS will remain in my system until bettered, thinking about a 2.5m. pair of Luminous Synchestras from the 40s to the 99, any thoughts?????? I have sold the 2 and 3 pairs of HTs, the LSS is that good in my system and with my ears, YMMV.

I believe the 2 is better suited for all SS use and the 99 Magnum is one hell of a tube pre-amp.The HT is an excellent performer also and in the right system will sound great. I plan to try one of the ICs from Empirical audio in the near future, I am wired out for now.

Enjoy The Music

Product Weakness: None
Product Strengths: See Review

Associated Equipment for this Review:
Amplifier: N/A
Preamplifier (or None if Integrated): See Review
Sources (CDP/Turntable): CAL-CL-10
Speakers: Paradigm Active 40s V2s
Cables/Interconnects: See Review
Music Used (Genre/Selections): See Review
Room Size (LxWxH): 25 x 15 x 8
Room Comments/Treatments: Heavy curtains, Carpet, stuffed furniture
Time Period/Length of Audition: 5 weeks
Type of Audition/Review: Product Owner
Your System (if other than home audition): See Review, Speakers are 9' apart with only a slight toe-in

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