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REVIEW: DIY by Jon L Silverbullet enamel silver Cable

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Model: Silverbullet enamel silver
Category: Cable
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Review by Jon L ( A ) on February 28, 2003 at 11:45:36
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for the Silverbullet enamel silver

Here it is, the post break-in review. VERY simple, very easy, but VERY delicious DIY IC. As I stated in my "preview," I was attempting to outdo my quattro Fils, which so far I haven't been able to with other DIY IC's.

Construction. Silver bulletplugs. Audioresolutionmod 24AWG polyesteramide enamel pure silver solid core wire. WBT silver solder. That's it. Geometry. Simple twisted. No shield, no jacket, not heatshrink, so handle with care.

Sonics compared to various cables

Silver bullet 6.0.

DIY is smoother, more expressive, more liquid. 6.0 sounds bit more "focused" and tad bit brighter/tighter in voices. 6.0 is an excellent cable, and not a "bright silver cable" by any stretch of the imagination, so I was surprised to hear the DIY to have a clearer YET more natural highs and mids. Maybe it's the teflon thing (6.0 is solid silver/teflon) Bass is pretty much a wash, which means excellent.

Cogan Hall Intermezzo IC

Cogan Hall is an interesting design, using hollow copper tubing as conductor, air-dielectric. No RCA connector, as the copper tubing goes straight out to connect. Sounds great. Meaty, harmonically complete, reminds me of my Sonoran speaker cables. No other cable I have heard (DIY, 6.0, Quattro Fil) can approach the sheer midrange richness and weight of Cogan Hall. Treble and bass are pretty good, but of course, not as extended and fast/tight compared to low-AWG silver designs... I prefer my DIY IC overall, which has more harmonic completeness than 6.0, not as much as Cogan Hall...

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A good cable, combining some copper warmth with low-AWG speed. However, the 6.0 outdoes it in speed and detail and both DIY and Cogan-hall outdoes it in harmonics. I prefer the DIY

Quattro Fil

Before break-in, I thought the new DIY IC outdid the QF. After break-in, though, the DIY became more mellow and liquid, which is actuallly against my preference. I like my music detailed and bracing. In the beginning, when I swapped in the DIY in place of QF, DIY made QF sound hopelessly slow, muddy, grainy, and DULL! There is a magical way the DIY soars up in treble without that teflon glare, revealing everything, burning away any congestion QF had. Midrange of DIY was again "natural," with less spotlit outlines and artificiality, sounding ultra-clean and refined. QF sounds like a thick blanket over midrange in comparison. Bass was a wash.

I wish things stopped right there, but over time, the DIY became a bit too mellow and liquid through treble and mids. Some will love this sound, and I love it, too, but now I think the DIY is "different but not necessarily better" category compared to QF. I get the best sound by using QF followed by DIY. QF adds some midrange warmth and more edge detail while DIY burns away congestion and extends/beautifies treble ranges.

Oh, well, one can't have it all I guess. My next project would be using a six-wire braid with same polyesteramide wire and silver bulletplugs (like Silver Audio Silver Bullet 6.0) and see what happens...

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