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General Asylum: REVIEW: Pass Laboratories Aleph 2 Amplifier (SS) by Barry

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REVIEW: Pass Laboratories Aleph 2 Amplifier (SS) Review by Barry at Audio Asylum

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I bought a pair of these babies and the world's not been the same since. Not like tubes, not like solid state but strikingly like real life.

The purity of tonal colors is the most amazing thing about these amps. If you've been listening to ss, the music looses all the electronic colorations, glassiness and graininess you've learned to tune out. If tubes have been your thing some of the warmth you think you're missing turns out to be a bit artificial, just a bit too sweet, thick and atmospheric. These really strike the perfect balance.

There's a bit of air about the instruments or vocalists that sounds just like real life and lends an immediacy to the presentation that's "you are there". It can be a bit subtle at times but at others it's pretty startling.

These amps are pretty transparent without sounding over-etched of having too much definition.

Dynamics are very good to excellent although there might be some amps out there that sound like they have more limitless power and authority (but is this real or a coloration?).

I think you'll really like these. Could be the last amps you'll ever own (although the big Atmosphere OTL's might be nice).

System is as below (Ok so I got a little carried away....).

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Topic - REVIEW: Pass Laboratories Aleph 2 Amplifier (SS) Review by Barry at Audio Asylum - Barry 20:13:29 05/30/99 ( 0)