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REVIEW: Acurus A250 Amplifier (SS) Review by Andew Scott at Audio Asylum

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This amp is firmly in the budget high end territory. Acurus has the philosophy that good, discreet parts equates to good sound. The bipolar design has a gigantic low end oomph. The detail is such that if you use any cheap parts int the audio path, then you will hear the result. One criticisms is that the A250 treble can sound brittle.
I have heard properly broken in units on a variety of speakers low to high end. The only time the sound was less than exemplerary was when a cheap preamp, interconnect, or source was used. The amp is open, clean and has stunning attack on transients. Wheather powering dynamic, planar or horns it does not seem to run out of headroom in any application.
Vocals are crisp and natural, fine treble soundstaging is point source and open. Instruments are distinct and separate in their own space. I have owned an A250 now since 1994, and don't regret 1 second, nor do I wish I owned another amp. The A250 actually has a few qualities that sound better than the Aragon big brother. I feel that for modest, if any improvement over this amp, I'd have to spend 3 times as much for a Bryston for subtle, not great improvements. I have heard more expensive amps and differences take time to pick out: they aren't immediatly appearent.

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Topic - REVIEW: Acurus A250 Amplifier (SS) Review by Andew Scott at Audio Asylum - Andew Scott 22:42:35 10/14/99 ( 13)