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Vinyl Asylum: REVIEW: Rozoil Lubricant Co. Gruv-Glide Record Treatment Accessory by zygon

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REVIEW: Rozoil Lubricant Co. Gruv-Glide Record Treatment Accessory

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Model: Gruv-Glide Record Treatment
Category: Accessory
Suggested Retail Price: $25.00
Description: Treatment for records (and CD's) - applied with pads
Manufacturer URL: Rozoil Lubricant Co.
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Review by zygon ( A ) on March 14, 2003 at 03:21:02
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for the Gruv-Glide Record Treatment

I've been using Gruv-Glide for over 2 years now (not a long time, but I think long enough to have some opinions about it ) -- I've applied it to many records (always after a thorough cleaning). At this point I've found that it's indispensable to my vinyl playback regime, and I just bought another can (my second) from www.sloca.com. A single can costs about $25.00 and can treat about 300 record sides -- in practice, it has lasted me over two years.

The recommendations for use involve spraying some Gruv-Glide onto one of the two (included) velvety pads, rubbing one pad against the other to distribute it evenly, and applying it to the record while the turntable is spinning. I've found it more effective to apply Gruv-Glide while the record is sitting still on the platter; rather than hold the pad against the record while it rotates, I apply it in a circular motion so I can see what it's doing and where it is going. This has been very effective as far as I'm concerned. After applying, the record looks remarkably pristine -- in addition to removing static, the pads combined with the lubricant also remove dust. It's important not to over-apply the stuff -- although there are no serious side-effects from doing so, it's then necessary to remove some of it (or wash it off completely and re-apply). Gruv-Glide is water soluble, and a wet cleaning will remove it completely and effortlessly.

I've found that Gruv-Glide definitely reduces static, and also the slightly-dampened pads pick up dust on the record. Only one application is necessary, according to product instructions (occasionally I've used it more than once, in small "booster" amounts). I wouldn't advise using it on a dirty record -- *always* clean the record first (using a vacuum record cleaner or good DIY method) before applying the stuff, or you risk creating a gummy substance that can grunge up a stylus. I've never noticed any stylus residue after treating a record, and this could be because I always make absolutely certain the record is clean as a whistle first. It's a dry lubricant -- and would you lubricate a dirty contact point?

There's a lot of information and opinions on Gruv-Glide in the Vinyl Asylum - simply search on "Gruv Glide." I've had excellent luck with it, and as far as "other-than-static" effects they are subtle but definitely present (mainly decreased "groove scrub" noise on records that are prone to it). It does have a slight sonic signature, but nothing that's prevented me from using it. It may also very slightly decrease sonic detail, but in my opinion it has the potential to significantly increase both the life of records and that of a stylus. It appears to work just as well with thrashed "thrift store" records as it does with pristine, near-mint records. Effects with unusual vinyl formulations or shellac "unknown," contact manufacturer.

Product Weakness: May leave a bit of grunge on stylus (especially if record is not clean), may slightly reduce low-level detail, slight sonic signature.
Product Strengths: Cleans and de-staticises very well, improvement in constant (background) surface noise, may reduce clicks & pops as well.

Associated Equipment for this Review:
Amplifier: N/A
Preamplifier (or None if Integrated): N/A
Sources (CDP/Turntable): Thorens TD-160 and others, Shure M97xE, Stanton 500E MkII
Speakers: N/A
Cables/Interconnects: N/A
Music Used (Genre/Selections): Many
Time Period/Length of Audition: 2+ Years
Type of Audition/Review: Product Owner

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