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Tweakers' Asylum: REVIEW: Audience Auric Illuminator Accessory by Shawn Harvey

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REVIEW: Audience Auric Illuminator Accessory Review by Shawn Harvey at Audio Asylum

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First let me tell you what I *don't* hear a difference with so you'll know where I'm coming from:

1. Black or green pens on CD discs.
2. Black Diamond Racing Cones (in store they worked, not at home).
3. Vibrapods, except under speakers.
4. Those stupid magnet wire interconnects from Soundstage.
5. Extra weight on components (mass loading).
6. Switching from Class A to Class A/B on my Plinius (honestly, I can't hear a difference).

What I did hear a difference with:
1. New equipment.
2. Better cables (digital, interconnect and speaker).
3. Running power through cheap Monster surge suppressor (made sound worse).
4. Different rooms -- all have a distinct effect on the sound from your stereo.

Given that, let me say that there is an improvement, a smoothing would be a better word, after applying the AI treatment. Not smooth like you're losing information, smooth like some of the crap is gone. Like looking through a cleaner window.

I'm not convinced that the black pen does much, but it does let you know which discs you've treated (great marketing touch). Either my system is not up to par to hear the effects of a pen on the cd's or my head isn't up to par. Either way I can't tell a difference.

Using the AI cleaning fluid I can tell a very noticeable difference in the sound, even on recorded CDs. Everything is smoother and clearer and I heard sounds in familiar recordings that I'd not noticed before. Actually makes some so-so recordings sound listenable.

I won't go into all the things it does. No it isn't a miracle cure, yes it does make the sound better to me and doesn't seem to have any noticeable coloration (in other words it's frequency-independent).

Give it a try. It's a hell of a deal for $50 (or whatever the retail is). Much better than a lot of other tweaks I've tried...

One thing I have not done is taken a scratched disk and used the AI on it. I'd like to see if it helps.

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