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Magnepan Magneplanar MG12 Speakers

hi,i appreciate the support fiddler!i am new to this forum and thought i would describe my satisfaction of my maggies.about the tweek i did w/my mg12's,what i simply did was bypass the fuse and the attenuator bar all together.i got the idea fom a guy on the tweek section here on the forum.i did take into consideration that if i did this mod.i would'nt have the fuse protection for the ribbon tweeter,but my amplifier(carver 4.0t)has enough built in spkr.protection that i feel safe in doing this and not to mention that i won't be cranking up my system to clipping level either.i also noticed a big difference in the sound after the mg12's broke in too{this bef/the tweek)the music i play has a more richer sound to it and it's not as shrill as they were before they broke in.now after the tweek,they sound even cleaner and more dynamic as well!so i now know what the other maggie owner's r talking about when they describe their experience w/their maggies after the inititia break in period,set aside the modification>which this has to be the sole decision of the owner as long as the're aware of the danger/damage they can to do if something were to go horribly wrong.....i felt safe to do it,but other's have their own opinion's.i would also like to say that the black grill sock w/the cherry wood strip's r on my mg12's r just beautifull.....again,great speaker(s) for the money!david

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