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Re: Magnepan Magneplanar MG12 Speakers

I'm not familiar with the Amanda McBroom CD, but as long as you're very familiar with the music, that's what's important. You need to know what the CD normally sounds like. Keep in mind that the electronics and the CD player play a factor here too.

The guitar concerto will be good for transients, the Brandenberg merely sweet. I'd bring in something that conveys transients more. A full orchestral work that you know and is recorded well like Tchaikovsky's "1812" or (if you know it) Strauss' "Also Sprach Zarathustra" (the 2001 theme). If you don't have either of these, Reiner and the Chicago Symphony on RCA doing these is the best combo of performance and sonics. There are two recordings of the Strauss by Reiner and the CSO. Get the 1954 rather than the 1961 recording.

The larger orchestral works will not only demonstrate the ability of the speakers to resolve denser passages, but will demonstrate different kinds of instruments other than voice and strings. With the other two works, you're bringing in percussion as well as brass and reed instruments. Plus, these latter two CDs are monsters and "must-have" performances anyway.

Good luck and let us know how the audition goes.


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