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yep and much of the movie's audio is synthetic (more)

Most of the audio is a movie is going to be as synthetic as the visuals. Neither of which really reflect reality. That's why the visuals are called special effects. Visual mock-ups that seem real. Same with audio. Many of the sounds are purely synthetic (foley editor created, for example), or synthetically mixed on a giant mixing board. Ok, t-rex roar front/right. car crash rear/center. people screaming front/center, sound of galss breaking.. - let's mix that slightly behind thaa car. Oooh, let's make the t-rex road LOUDER here. Good, good. Add quiet heavy metal background music.

So yeah, you'd be getting increased sound quality, which is all well and good, but accurate imaging and maybe soundstaging, too, is pretty moot - since you'd be at the hands of a recording/mix engineer (or who ever). He's probably mixing the darn thing to pan from speaker to speaker in 5.1, 7.1 (or 10.2 ??) instead of across the soundstage. And it's kind of silly to strive for high fidelity with 1.) purely made up sounds (most explosions, t-rex roars (real reference?) or other effects) or 2.) a mix of real and synthetic sounds that are both synthetic placed (fake soundstange, fake imaging)on a movie in postproduction.

I'm not trying to be snobbish about this (saying audiophile setups are only good for audiophile recordings), since I frequently listen to VERY non audiophile material. One of my biggest beefs with with close-miked studio recordings. Many are hopelessly "chewed up" during the final "mixing" phase, or whatever you call it. Same thing with movies. When so much of the audio is "fake" and not intended for exact timbre and tonal reproduction, let alone precise imaging nor soundstaging.. -- It's almost like WHY BOTHER??!?

Movies can and may eventually WILL like up to the audiophile recording stanards, for in their present for the movies are no better that remixed, post-processed, close-mike studio recordings. But, moview, in their current form, fall very short of that ideal.

PS. what "bugs" me is when someone mistaken "blindly" says that stuff like "heavy metal" or movies DO NOT deserve hi-fi reproduction. that's an ignorant statement. Both are equally as worthy as classical, blues, jazz, or acoustic - as an art form and in content (somewhat, but debateable to a point). It's just the most "implementations" created by the post processing engineers (not the musicians!) limit the delivery somewhat. This is what I think most people mean when they say get "mid-fi." Except they come of as bashing the artform, though sometimes they are.

//exits soapbox

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