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Tube/DIY Safety

By participating on this forum, you understand that the contributions of those who post here come with no guarantee, expressed or implied, about the fitness of the information for use in any way.

The users of this forum SHOULD always employ best practices and follow safety standards (UL, CSA, CE, VDE, National Electrical Code, etc.) in their builds.

The Asylum accepts no liability for injury/death, damage, or failure as a result of participants' free-will use of the information contributed.

Do not attempt the construction of any project which you do not fully understand, or if you do not feel completely confident that you can build the project without further assistance. Do not expect other users to be able to diagnose an issue or obscure fault remotely. Remember that the information on this site is provided free of charge. All information provided on this web site is provided 'AS IS'. No guarantee is provided for the accuracy of the information or the application of the information provided herein.

The Asylum accepts no responsibility or liability with regards to the accuracy or safety of the information provided. By using, reading or accessing this web site, you agree to be the user of the information provided. The user accepts full responsibility for all information provided. There is no guarantee that any cited reference materials or the information on this site is correct and/or safe to follow.

When in doubt, always seek the help of a professional.