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Re: Ranking vinyl setup variables

1. VTF- If it's wrong, you could greatly increase the wear of your cartridge and/or recordings. If it's grossly wrong, you can damage your recordings and/or cartridge.

2. Alignment/overhang- If that's not right, getting the others settings right won't matter.

3. Levelness- This is important only for static-balance, linear-tracking, and unipivot arms. If not right, the anti-skate will be more difficult to zero-in on.

4. Anti-skate- The most-difficult adjustment to get right, but if not right, dialing in the VTA becomes *much* more difficult, for the "sweet spot" becomes obscured.

5. Azimuth- Easier to adjust than anti-skate, but the effects are similar. I only put azimuth below anti-skate because mis-adjusted anti-skate can inflict more damage to the stylus or recording.

6. VTA- Still very important, but you need the above five adjustments to get the benefits of properly adjusted VTA. Generally, a VTA too high makes the music sound bright, brittle, or thin, a VTA too low makes the music sound "vague."

For the second question, VTF, VTA, azimuth, anti-skate, or alignment can all have **huge** effects if your setup is close to "spot-on."

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