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can someone explain the concept of PRaT and...

...why it is associated with equipment?

i guess i don't really read the audiophile magazines and such, so a few months ago i had to look up this acronym. i understand it and why it applies to music, i s'pose...but what i don't understand is how it applies to equipment.

the music either has pace/energy -- i don't see how a component can impart this characteristic to a recording.

it seems like if a component "doesn't have PRaT" then what people are really saying is that component really kills the recording (assuming appropriate music was being used in the first place). all the talk of PRaT-challenged components just seems like flawed designs/gear.

can anyone help show me the error of my ways?

(if any of the gear i was using failed to allow music to convey it's own sense of rhythm and timing, then i would toss it out the window immediately; it seems like such a basic requirement that i don't see how someone would get anywhere down a road with equipment that hampered it.)


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Topic - can someone explain the concept of PRaT and... - analog guy 16:14:11 05/09/07 (66)

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