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What a difference a turntable mat makes ... at least the Herbie's mat

... I've been using the original issue mat on my Thorens TD125 - mostly out of lazyness and the fact that changing mats did not sound like an exciting or very significant tweak.

I don't remember what I read about the Herbie's Way Excellent mat, but I decided that it was worth a shot - especially since they have a 30-day return policy and they take PayPal (I prefer using PayPal to using credit cards online - especially with smaller and lesser known merchants - kudos to Herbie's Audio Lab for taking PayPal.)

The mat arrived just 3 days after I put the order in (one more kudos for fast shipping.)

Finally, after a hard day at work, I had a chance to put the mat on and do some serious listening. I took just a few seconds to realize that the mat improved the sound considerably in terms of blacker background, tighter and more pronounced bass, and more detail on higher octaves. I'll wait a couple of more days and do some A/B with the older mat and post a more detailed update, but so far I think this might be one my best tweaks yet.


PS I included the pic of the TD125 that's getting the new mat ... just because I like to look at other people TTs and set-ups and I assume others do too.

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Topic - What a difference a turntable mat makes ... at least the Herbie's mat - albertoderoma 20:53:38 08/16/06 (29)

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