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Hagerman Bugle pro, oh yeah! [long]

Thanks to Dan Donovan aka fishy for helping me fix the Bugle Pro I was attempting to build. I made mistakes which Dan not only fixed but overreached by shielding and dressing the signal wires, reversing the caps and regulators, even shieldeds some of the coupling caps where they are soldered to board. Thanks muchly, amigo.

I am posting an edited email I sent to Dan earlier:

Listening: EGADS! It is far smoother and effortless than the Cambridge
540p by leagues. Leading transients are attacked with ease and are
fuller. The sound is actually fuller all around which was a complaint
against the 540p, it being thin. Detail is amazing when listening to a
mono 2eye columbia of Shostokovich's Cello concerto w/ Ormandy.
The top end is amazingly clear and more detailed than before. Bass is fuller with some slam.

Surface noise is handled as an after-thought rather than an irritant
that it was with the 540p. There was always something in the 540p that
irritated, always something. This Bugle is more than just
non-irritating, it is soothing. There is an approach to a sense of
presence. Only an approach that might be made palpable with the Denon
DL-103 or another low output MC. But with the HOMC DL-160 this preamp
gives a much higher level of presence to everything.

I left the output opamp as slotted so I can swap opamps. There are one or two opamps that
are said to have valve/tubelike qualities I will try. At the moment,
though, the preamp seems very smooth without any edge to it. No "grain",
as they say. And not cold [solid state] at all. There is a warmth to it...
especially coming from the 540p I suppose.

I guess coming from an entry level Cambridge 540p my reaction to this
amp is pedestrian, but I think I can live with the Bugle for a good long time.
I guess the next step up may have to be the Cornet.

The OMalley

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