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Regarding the SL1500

The Technics SL1500 does not use any feedback from a sensor reading the platter for maintaining the correct speed, so the hunting effect cannot occur with the SL1500.

For these turntables the speed was set using a couple of dials (potentiometers) mounted on the top of the turntable, and these potentiometers could suffer over the years leading to a somewhat unsteady speed for the platter.

The SL1500mkII had a quartz locked motor, so this version could theoretically suffer from the so called "hunting" effect.

The SP10mkII also features a quartz locked, an therefore is likely to suffer from the so called "hunting" effect.

However, considering the moment of inertia of a turntable platter and the very small variation in torque produced by the friction between the stylus for loud passages and silent passages, I would say that the hunting effect is a theoretical concern only (ie not detectable to the human ear)

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