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Too true

I thought the "stunned" comment was telling. Is that a "Help me; I'm stuck like a deer in the headlights" kind of stunned?

When CDs first came out, they were - more often than not - simply awful, bright and fatiguing. Much progress was made in producing and manufacturing them and presently these thingies make up a not inconsiderable part of my collection/selection. The better ones, I find, portray music more in and toward the sense of analog, without glare and fatigue. Some of them I have to doctor to try to get better sound out of them.

If ML ever wishes to become "unstunned," he can pursue the necessary research and experimentation. (Hint for ML: It's in the Archives and FAQ) It has to be a sincere search, or it isn't really one at all.

Still, it sounds like he's coming after the issue with an large, protruding a priori up his backside and this limitation alone may make it difficult to sit still and hear the distinctives.


"Glass beads drop through one-by-one,
Get planted with the seeds,
Which press up hard to reach the sun,
Yet cannot break the beads."

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