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Help! I have cartridge upgrade mania!

Hi, all:

I have the cartridge upgrade bug! I got a Dual 1229 turntable this summer. Nice unit, but I'm still searching for the best cartridge to go with it. It came with a bottom-of-the line Audio Technica cartridge with a conical stylus, which I didn't like at all: boxy, muffled sound and low output. I swapped that out for an AT316EP that I had on a P mount turntable; put it on the standard adaptor and installed it. Better, but I found it a bit hissy and thin on this table--it actually sounded better on the P mount table. Next I got a Stanton 500E MK II. Better still, especially for the price: nice full sound and good detail revelation on vocals and instruments, but it seems to lack crispness; eg, the "attack" of acoustic guitars and snare drums seems somwhat blunted. What next? The Stanton is certainly pleasant, but I think I'd like a better combination of big sound, good detail, and a crisp, percussive timbre, if such a thing exists. The AT110E seems to be highly regarded. Might that do the trick? Other good choices? (For the record, my current system consists of a NAD C320BEE amp, a NAD PP-2 preamp, the Dual TT, and Dynaco A35 speakers.)



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