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ZYX Airy 3 - Time to trade in those Airy 2s. Yes it IS that good.

As happy as I was with the Airy 2, I just got an Airy 3 with silver coils and silver base to try out and just fell in love. It's absolutely gobsmacking the amount of delicacy and inner detail that's revealed. I'm not sure what changes were made to the cartridge but it's a whole new world. I know it sounds SO cliche but I'm literally hearing things I've never heard before.

For example, I have a 1s/1A pressing of Harry Belafonte's Live at Carnegie Hall. On Matilda, with the Airy2 you got an amazing impression of space, the soundstaging was excellent, etc. With the Airy3 you get all that but now there's inner detail that the Airy2 just didn't have. On that track there's a piano WAY down in the mix that's vamping all the way through the track. You can hear it in spots with the 2 but with the 3 it's CLEARLY audible. Also, the sense of dynamics is much improved as well, to where you can hear what the engineers were doing with regards to gain-riding, etc... things that may have been audible with the Airy2 but that weren't resolved in as great a detail. Even with the extra detail, average recordings are still perfectly listenable and excellent recordings are just gobsmacking.

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