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MMF-5 Test Try this!

Please help me trouble shoot this.
1. If you have a mmf-5, take the belt off the motor, put on head phones, turn your volume all the way up on your amp, move your tone arm toward the center of the palatter. Do you hear a hum? Turn the volume down, set the neddle on the non moving record closest to the spindal, turn the volume all the way up again. Is the hum louder? Sounds like you're now picking up a vibration?

2. Put the belt back on. With the dust cover closed and the tone arm in the cradle, gently put your ear on the dust cover and turn the motor on. Do you hear a hum comming up through the plinth to the dust cover?

If you answer yes to all of these tests, then all are turntable are normal. If you answered no to all or some of these tests, then my turntable is malfunctioning.

Thanks for you time and input!

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