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Re: Question for Viktor Khomenko: balanced phono stage

***Since cartridges are sort of balanced R+, R- and L+ and L- already.

Cartridge is actually not a balanced source, it is what is more properly called 'floating' source. Floating source can be treated any way you want.

There was a good discusion to that effect just some time ago on rec.audio.tech if I remember right.

So the cartridge doesn't really need balanced connection, and in addition you get 6dB noise advantage when treating it in single-ended fashion. With tubes that is very important.

***Have you ever tried to make a balanced phono stage with a sort of floating ground? (I know this wouldn't be balanced but,...)

I believe our two phono stage do what you are asking - if I inderstand you correctly.

***How about designing a truly balanced cartridge with 3 pins aside rather than 2. This could kick some ass the same way balanced DACs sound better single ended.

Again, I don't think so - I see some differences in these two cases. a cartridge with the third pin would probably create more problems than it would solve. I think it is better left floating.

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