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Picture Of My DIY VTF Gauge. 99% Finished Now.

This is my new DIY VTF- gauge. Principle: defelection of a thin piece or round- stock spring- steel determines the place of the pointer. This ponter moves along a scale.

This happened at my humble workshop at the attick.

The right values must still be written down on the scale. The current VTF- setting on the Dual was 1.7 g.

My sweater came from C&A Brenninkmeyer.

The cartridge is my old Philips 412 II which I was listening to, because another forum member overhere like the thing. I hate the sound…. No national feelings in this case….Brash sound. Prominent presence range. Messy backgrounds.

The Dual still must be cleaned and tweaked like so many of my 10 TT’s.


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